$ whoami
  • Marco Meoni, married, 3 awesome children, far more computers than I care to mention (1st one, still operational, an Olivetti M24 from 1989).
  • MSc and Ph.D in Computer Science, software engineer, Appeon Powerbuilder MVP, solution advisor at many organizations worldwide, BigData researcher at CERN. Keen on particle physics, Stephen Hawking my favorite scientist.
  • Disney comics collector (have some 3k in my attic), fond of Italian vintage cars from the '50 and '60, U2 fan, play(ed) almost any sport, Valentino Rossi, Zico and Nigel Mansell my myths, Udinese supporter for all my life. 
  • Citizen of the World, love travelling, visited 31 countries and more than half of the States in US, Casalguidi my little peaceful beloved HSH though.